Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ergonomic Chairs

Many times we have at home a room destined to be a study or a working area, where we spend much of our time engaged in tasks that require us to be seated and keep concentration. But the accumulation of all those hours of work, beyond the intellectual exhaustion, goes to our spine. And it is that back pain is one of the most expensive health problem for people, it tends to be the second leading cause of doctor visits and the third reason for surgery. If you’re still young, you are on time to avoid these health complications. And if you’re not it, better to start taking measures to mitigate the damage they cause every day to our vertebrae.
As a solution, I bring you the famous ergonomic office chairs. Yes, they are expensive, but health is priceless. It is true that taking care of your back requires much more than a Chair; requires sitting correctly, with feet on the floor, back straight; change position every time, not to bend the column and not always maintain a prolonged sedentary posture. But beyond all that, the Chair is a crucial element for the health of our back. First of all you must have back-up, should have a height appropriate to the size of the person, and must be comfortable. And all this is precisely, and much more, which offer us ergonomic chairs.

Ergonomics applies in all kinds of designs of products, mainly related to the work to increase the productivity of the same. Today there are many types of chairs, some of it pretend to be ergonomic, but they are not. Let’s look at the features of a real Chair of this kind: to begin with, have a true lumbar support which is not a mere padding, but it maintains the natural curvature of the present human back hollow. It also presents a slight curvature at the edge of the Chair to relieve blood pressure in the thighs. It has armrests that back load not also with the same weight and with footrest, to maintain the natural curve of the back. It also has all the mobility possible to slide effortlessly, with adjustable height.
All these features make the ergonomic chairs an element suitable for work and productivity. If you are of those who work from home, perhaps the time to make that small investment which deserves our back. In the picture you can see the Stance Angle Chair model, which allows different positions and is the most innovative in this field. You will not only improve health but also in humor. Any ergonomic equipment will be vital to your health and your job performance. You won’t regret it.